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CLIFF+ goes for positive. In messaging, in result, in how we work with people and for the planet. Why we use humour and entertainment to make us feel positive about the world, about people or your product. Why we use story for a positive outcome.

Let’s face it. We consume and waste too much and care too little. Advertising is mainly focused on making people buy more stuff they don’t need for more profit for shareholders and therefore contributing to a big problem.
At CLIFF, we rather be part of the solution and take our responsibility. We want to add something to the world.

How we do it?

We look at how projects scores on the following plusses

What is it that we want to accomplish? What is it that you want to accomplish? If we shoot, we don’t shoot with blanks. We hit our mark with impact.
If we make impact, what are we telling and selling? What are making impact on? Does it resonate with our core beliefs? How does it affect earth, people and all things living? What is the company behind it? And how does the concept, story, people and execution represent our core values?
How are we making it? How do we treat all people in the process, do we create an inclusive working environment, an environment that is safe and pleasant? And how do we produce as green as possible? So goodbye disposable plastic water bottles, hello eco-friendly and organic catering, no useless traveling and compensate for what we use.

We are working with the best partners on a transparant way to ensure we keep our promise and are planning on becoming Bcorp by 2023.

How are we telling it? Does it resonate in form, does it create a positive feeling, do people actually enjoy watching it or does it waste their time? That’s why we sincerely believe in great content instead of old fashioned ads.

In other words, is it fun to watch? That is why we often use humour, entertainment and storytelling to get our message across. And let’s face it, this also contributes to a better result with more impact.

Our partners (working on it, come back soon 😉